Cute name tags for your children

Original children’s name tags are a delight for little ones. They can be used everywhere to mark clothes, personal objects, baby accessories…

On the website, access a wide collection of original labels to label girls’ names, boys’ names, and rare names. The selection includes iron-on labels for clothes, name labels for school, and labels for footwear, various objects, and childcare equipment. They are 100% customizable to suit children’s needs.

Dress your little ones with creativity and love!

Iconic design for a stylish decor
Graphic wallpaper and animal posters
A girly atmosphere with pink and flowers
A comfortable bed

A comfortable bed

A cozy bed for sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

A desk for work

A desk for work

Secure office furniture with rounded corners.

A cool lamp

A cool lamp

A cool lamp for lighting and decorating the bedroom.

Colorful curtains

Curtains in shimmering, warm, cozy colors.

Family vacations: the checklist before going abroad

The essential accessories and equipment to take with you on your family vacation.

Before setting off on a trip with children, you’ll need to pack plenty of equipment to meet their needs: cane stroller, headrest, child’s backpack, evolving car seat, baby fly, baby sling, baby clothes, moisturizing creams, pairs of socks, woolen blanket, diapers, bibs & nursing pads.

Travel cane stroller
Children's travel headrest
Child's travel backpack

Replenish their energy with ideas for outdoor activities!

Outdoor experiences to inspire your little ones

Boost children’s creativity with outdoor games and enriching activities.

Treasure hunts, hopscotch, bike rides, hide-and-seek, painting, relay races, water games, leaf-peeping pools, and ball games are just some of the activities children can enjoy outdoors. They’ll also enjoy observing insects, minerals, gardening, crafts, and scrapbooking in the garden.